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Printmaker and Painter

Spending most summers hiking across the country, I have developed a fascination with nature that extends to my art practice. My work depicts animals and their interactions, telling stories and fragmented narratives of conflict and consequence.

I often explore the vast history of symbolism, value, and superstition placed upon animals and compare it with the much more simple but often brutal reality of nature. Research drawn from encyclopedias, scavenged bones, natural history, and personal experience inform the stories I craft for each piece. I am interested in the moment of conflict between animals and humans and the quiet of the following aftermath. My work will often depict ideas of human comfort, subsistence, and domestic ritual and its connection to environmental disturbance and decay.

In creating stories that reveal the symbolic weight placed upon animals and the consequences of human interaction, my work attempts to reveal a new perspective of the animal, to produce humility for nature, and serve as a warning to care for it properly.

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